Road To Ruin

by Pushed Too Far

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released August 9, 2014

All music by Pushed Too Far
All lyrics by DMZ_nmc
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Ben @ Rising Recordings Studio
Artwork by DMZ_nmc - Layout by Evy Terrific



all rights reserved


Pushed Too Far Antwerpen, Belgium

Trample the weak, the fittest survive, society built upon the strongest lie...
PTF 2015

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Track Name: Intro
Pushed Too Far 2014
Still enraged with the world around me
There's racism & war, homophobia & hate
There's still too much police in the streets
NMC family, fuck society
I won't blindly walk along coz me I am
Track Name: Unloved
Still in search for the love of a mother's embrace
Learning lessons my father never gave
Living & progressing with the cards I've been dealt
Picking myself up coz I've never been held

Growing up in a loveless place
For better or worse few memories saved
Hardened by life I grew up on my own
Restless nights turned me to stone

Locked up between parents who were never one
Their memory of a time they wanted gone
But some things in life just can't be undone
No future, no past, no outcome
I have always been the worst to come

I cut you off, there is no more love
There's no forgiveness & no god above
Only a hell that you created
I won't forget, we're no longer related.
Track Name: Disillusion
The system's overthrown
Revolution came
Sadly enough
It didn't bring change
Flags did burn
Governments fell
But killing fields reveal
An awakening in hell

Initial goodwill corrupted by power
Lasting civil war left the country devoured
Screams for justice still make you lose your tongue
Society of broken hope is all it has become

A war without an end
Cities burned to ashes, religious resentment
Daily slaughter
The only sound is the devil's laughter

Gunfire sounds during the night
Snipers killing everybody in sight
POW's tortured and killed
The death of free will
No rest found during the day
No food, no water, NO MERCY
All is lost but hate
There will never be peace

Sons gone AWOL
Fathers executed
All hoped for better
All left disillusioned
Families torn apart
Generations wasted on hate
Civil strife, everyone dies
Revolution came too late

Now all that's left... are broken dreams.
Broken dreams
Track Name: No Escape
Stuck in a rut without an escape
Read the demise written on my face
Tear me apart, limb by limb
Coz I don't feel a fucking thing

It's not that I don't want
Just that I no longer care
The things I'm looking for
Don't exist anywhere

So I roam these streets without any hopes
Don't trust the ocean if you can't float
Don't repent, it doesn't change a thing
Tried walking the line but it was too thin

No escape

So when I go just leave me be
I lived my life, I deserve some fucking peace
Track Name: Road To Ruin
Abandoned cities during frightening nights
Cars rust as the poison falls from the skies
Eating out of test tubes coz nothing's safe
A mosquito bite marks the end of your days

The land cracks as it dries to dust
War for water after war for oil
The apocalypse came from within
Succumb to sin, greed marked the end of man


All resources consumed as we dance upon our graves
On the road to ruin no one will be saved
Pictures of a world no one remembers anymore
Denied Babylon as we fucked the whore

If we continue at this rate there will be nothing left
If we go on at this pace there will be only death
And in space there is no place, only graves, for us
There's only one world, IT BURNS, and we're fucking it up
We're fucking it up
Track Name: Repeat Process
I want more, it's never good enough
Need to fill the void between love and a touch
Need a pulse to temper my urges
Tranquility feeds my rage till life emerges

Walking restless with a blank stare
Carelessly trampling the world unaware
Lingering admiring the loss of my loneliness
I want more, please repeat process

To love is to be swallowed BY A BEAST WITH SEVEN TONGUES
Skinning me alive for what I've done

To admit depression is no longer mine
Must be the biggest sacrifice
Life is easier when everyday is nothing but strife
Walking into walls to find the hardest of them all
Vulgar display of power is easier than emotions to overcome

To love is to be swallowed BY A BEAST WITH SEVEN TONGUES
I want more, please repeat process, all days long
Repeat process all day long
Track Name: Live & Die
Live & die

Eye for an eye
You take what's yours and I take what's mine
Dust to dust
No room for doubt and no one to trust

No one to trust

Grinning in the face of our fate
Said and done, I'm driven to hate
Can't relate, remorse always comes to late
Erase the past, constant state of disgrace

Acceptance never obtained
Living without restraints
Never complain, I live without shame
And bury the blame in a coffin with your name
Live and die with nothing to show for

Live and die with nothing to show for

Digging your grave, I put an end to this game
Closed mind, closed casket, nameless grave
Fighting lost battles, my rage reigns
Clenched fist, clear convictions, I offer you pain

Time fades away your memory.
Track Name: Incomplete
Succumb to the weight of the hate in my heart
Try to defy my destiny to burn up alive from the inside
Selfishly building pyramidal thoughts on my own
Follow narrow roads, life is but a walking shadow

These dark thoughts in my mind will follow me to hell
Each day lived adds more concrete to my cell
It's well coz I was born in chaos and despair
Break my shackles, slit my wrists, my mind still clear

Only finding comfort in solitude
Drifting away into alcohol abuse
Bars before my eyes, when will I break free?
A world full of demons only I can see

Swallow the keys, leave me with my misery
I'd tear my chest apart just to break free
But what if I need the pain to stay sane?
Destined to walk the never-ending path of misery.

A life incomplete
Track Name: Eaten Alive
If I blame you would anything change?
Would ignoring the facts make things rearrange?
Do I wait and hope the best is yet to come?
Or accept the fact, nothing can be done

My heart slowly dies
Alone again with myself
Can't cope with the lies
Refuse to live in a hell
Where I need to smile
I can never blend in
With your picture of perfection
As you live in constant sin

But I'm still here
While you're eaten alive
I can feel your fear
I can see your world crumbling down
I can see how you can't cope with life
Know you're still given the benefit of doubt
Even when you're eaten alive
From the inside out
Track Name: Optimism Is Denial
Optimism is denial

The clock is ticking, we're running out of time
Through rivers of sorrow we say we're fine
The implosion of our world at the 7 o'clock news
We remain blind, it's the path we choose

Military display corroded our minds
Peace we once proclaimed is now hard to find
As the world is burning we annihilate our kind
Thirsty, hungry, paralyzed
Devastated by the consequences of our actions
Ignorance provokes stone cold reactions
Creating leaders to guide us towards demise
Feeding our fears, failure fills our minds...

OPTIMISM is denial
OPTIMISM is denial
OPTIMISM is denial
OPTIMISM is denial

We reap what we've sown
As our voices are suppressed
We reap what we've sown
As our faith is put to the test
We reap what we've sown
As we must now depend on the few
Have some faith, some humanity
Repent is due
Track Name: Shocked Into Submission
The culture of corruption caused the collapse of civilization
In capitalistic laboratories poverty is the main realization

Shocked into submission
Kiss your dreams goodbye
Cutthroat reforms
An act of war

Unfettered greed left us smiling kindly with a knife in our hands
Economic euphoria spreads an inferno of violence through the land

Mass starvation, indoctrinated youth
Born in a body-bag, blind to the truth
Mass starvation, indoctrinated youth
Born in a body-bag, blind to the truth

Our lives defined in their ivory tower
Our land sold an society devoured
A system installed to deny our rights
Elections falsified leave the people paralyzed

Bid your hopes and dreams farewell
Shocked into a slow motion descent into hell
Bid your hopes and dreams farewell
Shocked into a slow motion descent
Track Name: Time & Time Again
Sometimes it's better not to touch your dreams to keep them real
Reality has a way to turn ideals into falls beliefs
It's better to long for something than to live in regret
Who knew back then pursuit of happiness led to deception?

Time & time again
Time & time again

Time catches up with us, leaves us cold inside
Leaving pieces of ourselves behind
Until they turn to dust
You can fight the tides but you can never turn back time

If you get what you give
It's a lie that I live
If you get what you give
It's a lie that I live

Fighting time, but always running behind
Thinking of tomorrow tricks our mind
Our lives passing by right before our eyes
All wisdom collected, it fades, it fucking fades in time

We're all hunting for dreams to see them crumble in our hands
Reckless chasing visions of the promised land
No longer building castles, I draw a line in the sand
There's no love, there's no peace
Aren't we all just trying to live our lives
And consolidate the happiness we find?
Track Name: Outro
Let the leeches eat out my eyes
I've seen all I could take, I lived my live
Without regrets I let the worms consume me whole
A nameless grave on the face of this world