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The system's overthrown
Revolution came
Sadly enough
It didn't bring change
Flags did burn
Governments fell
But killing fields reveal
An awakening in hell

Initial goodwill corrupted by power
Lasting civil war left the country devoured
Screams for justice still make you lose your tongue
Society of broken hope is all it has become

A war without an end
Cities burned to ashes, religious resentment
Daily slaughter
The only sound is the devil's laughter

Gunfire sounds during the night
Snipers killing everybody in sight
POW's tortured and killed
The death of free will
No rest found during the day
No food, no water, NO MERCY
All is lost but hate
There will never be peace

Sons gone AWOL
Fathers executed
All hoped for better
All left disillusioned
Families torn apart
Generations wasted on hate
Civil strife, everyone dies
Revolution came too late

Now all that's left... are broken dreams.
Broken dreams


from Road To Ruin, released August 9, 2014
Featuring Greg Lost And Seen



all rights reserved


Pushed Too Far Antwerpen, Belgium

Trample the weak, the fittest survive, society built upon the strongest lie...
PTF 2015

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